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May 2019-Blog Post

'The Onesie' is Officially Commissioned After Successful Sea Trials

'The Onesie' is Officially Commissioned After Successful Sea Trials

Its an exciting day over here at LeBarf. Our newest addition to the fleet, 'The Onesie', has passed a rigorous bout of sea trials and is ready for action! This lil babe, like all of our swimwear is made in the U.S.A, by adults. 

We have to pay homage to our trusty steed, Olive, who accompanied us out on the high seas.  We couldn't have gotten through it without her vigilantly staying on watch. 

The Onesie holds up underway. You can paddle,...

Be Funnier

Be Funnier

We are here to bring you the hard hitting news.  This includes: The Chinese tariff situation, Pakistan's new leader and how to be funnier.  

The Cut recently wrote an exquisite piece on to make friends (and foes) chuckle. We're going to consolidate what we learned because who has time to read a 6 minute article? Us. 

How to teach yourself to be funnier (in almost no time). 

1. Make yourself laugh first. Done. "Before helping others chortle, help yourself. "

Image result for high dog

2. Understand...

Le Swooning Over Here

Le Swooning Over Here

There are a lot of good brands but then there are great brands.  We've listed a few of our favorites that get us every time. 

Image result for crap eyewear

Sunglasses are serious business, but really, are they? Crap Eyewear brings you chic shades with a bomb price tag and an ever better name. 

Everyone (including ourselves) obsess over French style but can we talk about the Australians!? Sir The Label has us Le swooning all over the place. Linen, silks, knits and everything else that is right with the...

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