6 Steps to be Trendy as Fu*k During Fashion Week

Step 1: Get yourself some Self Tanner. No one likes Casper the pale betch.

Step 2: Use the free sample of trendy face oil your Mom gave you because she thinks you're looking old. Hey, it's cheaper than Botox #ThanksMom

Step 3: Wear a beanie that says "Fuck off, my latte costs more than your Uber X, peasant" #blackcarsonly #butreallywetakethetrain

Step 4: Post trendy artwork so people know your super underground but also cultured #MonetWho

Step 5: Get some chic "parfume". You can't always be at the beach but you can always smell like you are. Plus, it masks the smell of desperation #FirstRowOnly

Step 6: Your LeBarf bikini. It's imperative to always be #AdventureReady and #TrendyAF

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