Be Funnier

We are here to bring you the hard hitting news.  This includes: The Chinese tariff situation, Pakistan's new leader and how to be funnier.  

The Cut recently wrote an exquisite piece on to make friends (and foes) chuckle. We're going to consolidate what we learned because who has time to read a 6 minute article? Us. 

How to teach yourself to be funnier (in almost no time). 

1. Make yourself laugh first. Done. "Before helping others chortle, help yourself. "

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2. Understand what the 'benign violation' theory is -- spoiler, here's the definition: the idea that something is funny when it disrupts your sense of normalcy, but only in a way that doesn’t present any real harm.

Aka - Its funny to watch other people face plant after saying "I used to do gymnastics." When you do it, not so much.  

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3. Look for humor everywhere - In your career (or lack there of) your dead end relationships and your betchy dog that tries to attack people (speaking for a friend of course). 

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