Le Swooning Over Here

There are a lot of good brands but then there are great brands.  We've listed a few of our favorites that get us every time. 

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Sunglasses are serious business, but really, are they? Crap Eyewear brings you chic shades with a bomb price tag and an ever better name. 

Everyone (including ourselves) obsess over French style but can we talk about the Australians!? Sir The Label has us Le swooning all over the place. Linen, silks, knits and everything else that is right with the world. 

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You never know when you'll have to forge a river to get to Trader Joe's so may as well be prepared.  Knock them all you want but Teva's are functional and chic. 

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Lets not forget the guys.  Chubbies knows swim shorts. Yes, they are v bro but their sheet is good and you can't deny it.  Short shorts are a must have. If we ever see board shorts again, it will be too soon. 

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